Top Home Remodeling Tips That Will Increase Your Property Value

When considering renovating their homes, owners are often faced with countless questions: Should the house be fully or partially renovated? What renovation work will have the most return in terms of property value? What kind of flooring to install? What kind of lighting fixtures and plumbing fixtures work the best? How much millwork should be done? Is home automation important, and if yes what kind of home automation is the right fit? These are only a few questions that homeowners face when renovating their homes, and they are often answered by a team of professionals hired by the owners.

In this article, we provide some tips to answer the biggest question of all: Where should you invest your renovation budget to have the most impact on your property value?

Gourmet Kitchen

A high-end kitchen is considered one of the most desirable luxury home upgrades. Many homeowners choose to create a chic gourmet kitchen to elevate their living experience.

Custom cabinets, made from quality wood materials like oak, cherry, walnut, or high-quality MDF painted in lacquer finish, can elevate the look of your kitchen and offer many designs and finishes to choose from. Adding stylish hardware to these cabinets can provide a polished finish.

Upgrading countertops with materials like natural stone, quartz or sintered stone slabs can enhance the modern and sophisticated feel of the space. Adding an island (or two) can also increase the functionality and visual appeal of the kitchen.

Finally, high-end appliances integrated with panel ready design are a must. There are many brands to choose from but it is important to choose brands that combine the sophisticated look and functionality.

Modern Spa-Feel Bathrooms

Transforming your bathrooms into a spa-like retreat can increase the value of your home and provide a soothing oasis for relaxation. Luxurious fixtures, custom cabinetry, and elegant finishes can greatly improve the overall ambiance of your bathrooms, especially the master bathroom. Consider choosing a freestanding bathtub over a traditional one for added sophistication. Ensure good lighting in your bathroom by incorporating hidden LED lights and lighted vanity mirrors, which can give your space a modern touch.

Comfortable Home Office

In today’s digital age, a home office is a must for many luxury homeowners. Whether you work from home or just need a tranquil place for concentration, adding a home office can increase the functionality and appeal of your property. Custom-built desk, a wall unit, and tasteful decor can create a productive and inspiring work environment.

A home office should also have the right technology to facilitate virtual meetings and video calls which are integral parts of every business nowadays.

Impressive Foyer

When aiming to make a lasting impression, especially in the realm of luxury homes, the initial impact is of utmost importance. Enhancing the entrance spaces such as foyers and entryways to cultivate an atmosphere that is both welcoming and refined plays a great role in shaping the overall ambiance of your place. Initiating this transformation by upgrading to opulent entry doors and introducing subtle yet sophisticated ceiling fixtures and accent lighting not only sets the mood for the entirety of the home but also ensures that guests are left with a memorable impression of elegance and sophistication.

High-End Flooring

Installing a premium floor is key in enhancing the overall aesthetic of a well-designed house. Selecting top-tier materials is vital in achieving a luxurious appearance. When it comes to flooring, there are many materials to choose from depending on the budget and owner’s preference. From natural stone, to high-end porcelain and engineered marine grade wood planks, flooring should be selected keeping in mind the overall look and feel of the house.

The Bottom Line

Renovating a home can be extremely stressful for a homeowner if not guided by experienced professionals, such as interior designers and other consultants. These professionals can help you make the right decisions when it comes to improving your property to your satisfaction and at the same time increasing its value. At Builcore, we have a network of creative and professional interior designers and other consultants that we can team up with to transform your property into your dream home and to make sure that your investment will have the best return possible.


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