Questions To Ask General Contractors Before Hiring One

Looking to renovate or build your luxury home? Finding the right general contractor is a critical step. A highly-proficient and knowledgeable general contractor guarantees timely and satisfactory completion of your project. However, the process of selecting the ideal contractor can be challenging. The wrong choice can result in not only wasting time and money but also compromising the quality of your project. The below inquiries can help you avoid such a mistake.

How Long Have You Been in the Construction Industry?

Inquire about the contractor’s experience in the industry. A well-established contractor with a proven track record is more likely to deliver exceptional workmanship and handle any challenges that may arise during the construction process.

Builcore, one of the prominent leaders in the luxury construction sector, has successfully built a strong reputation over a decade. Our focus on superior quality and commitment to delivering top-notch construction projects has gained us a well-respected reputation for professionalism and expertise, deeply valued by our clients as well as acknowledged by esteemed associations within the construction industry.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Ensure that the general contractor you hire has valid licenses and sufficient insurance coverage. A valid license indicates that the contractor has met the obligatory requirements and possesses the knowledge and skills to handle your project. You can check if a contractor is licensed on Also make sure there are no complaints filed against the license on the same website. Insurance coverage offers you protection against liability in case of accidents or damages during construction.

Builcore is a luxury general contractor known for its trustworthiness and professional approach, and possesses the required certifications and licenses, and adequate insurances to deliver your project on time and to provide you with the peace of mind against any liability.

Can You Provide References and Examples of Past Work?

It is important for a well-established general contractor to be able to share references for previous projects and clients. Request a list of references with phone numbers and call each one of them and ask how the contractor did and if they are happy with the contractor’s performance. Additionally, and if possible, try to visit projects they completed and projects that are underway. This will allow you to see and evaluate their finished product and the quality of the work in progress.

At Builcore, we pride ourselves with our exceptional portfolio of completed projects and our long list of happy clients. Our extensive list of successfully completed projects undoubtedly proves our capability and skills to deliver outstanding results.

What Types of Projects Do You Build?

General contractors may specialize in various kinds of projects that require different skills. A contractor who builds residential or commercial towers does not necessarily have the skills to build luxury residential projects or Class A office spaces. Therefore, it is extremely important to select a general contractor who specializes in the particular type of work you need, particularly when you are looking to build luxury projects since these kinds of projects require a high level of attention to detail that not every contractor is able to provide.

Builcore specializes in building projects that are high-end in nature, and where quality and precision is of utmost importance. Our skilled workforce along with our qualified and reliable specialty subcontractors and long list of quality vendors, guarantee exceptional results. Our comprehensive solutions encompass the entire project lifecycle, starting from designing and construction to fully furnishing and seamlessly delivering the final product to the owner’s utmost satisfaction.

Do You Have Experience in Obtaining Necessary Permits and Successfully Completing all Required Inspections?

A highly-experienced general contractor should be able to pull the necessary permits from local municipalities in a timely manner and should be able to handle all mandatory inspections without delays. This might seem an easy task but if the contractor does not have enough experience and does not understand the local building codes very well, this process can be daunting and can cause substantial delays and add substantial costs to the project.

At Builcore, we pride ourselves on having a proficient in-house team that, over the years, has effectively fostered robust relationships with regulatory authorities and is able to secure all types of permits in a timely manner. In addition, our highly experienced project managers and supervisors understand what inspectors look for and can handle inspections effectively.

What is Your Timeline for Completing the Project?

Understanding the projected timeline for completing your project is crucial, especially if you have time constraints. Request an estimated timeline for completion from the general contractor. Consider that unforeseen conditions may arise, however, an experienced general contractor should be capable of offering a realistic timeframe based on their expertise and workload.

Builcore consistently delivers projects on time with its knowledgeable and skilled team of managers and workers, as well as its reliable subcontractors. Even when faced with challenges that might delay the project, we always strive to be creative in saving time and trying to meet the desired timeline.


When hiring an appropriate general contractor for your luxury project, it is highly recommended to ask the above questions to help you make an educated decision without hesitation. Evaluating a contractor’s experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness through well-considered inquiries will enable you to determine if they are capable of satisfactorily completing your project.

In this regard, Builcore emerges as a premier option, backed by a remarkable history of accomplishments in building luxury projects, and will be delighted to have the chance to prove this on your project.